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Why you won't lose weight!

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Weight loss is a sensitive topic for most people due to image and body shaming. People want to lose weight but was shows up in their effort makes it a wishful thinking, as the will is not strong enough to sustain the journey.

Weight loss is a mental challenge that goes beyond wishing and wanting, its take real focus which comes from a strong mental and emotional place that helps initiate and sustains the habits of becoming healthy; moving and eating better. The main driver should be; why do you want to lose weight? How will achieving your dream body make you feel?

The problem is most people want to look like someone else, therefore the answer generally goes like this, I want to look like her or him. Or wanting to lose weight to make other people treat them better or impress people. These are also valid reasons to want to embark on this journey but only by products of the journey. Losing weight and achieving your best body definitely improves your self esteem and boost confidence, but if this is the main reason for embarking on this journey then you will have less chances of success.

First step to ensure success is to find a worthwhile reason to embark on this journey, set smart goals, plan it out and establish a support system that you can carry with you through this journey, people to make you accountable i.e. a coach, a friend or family member.

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