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6 Ways You Could Be Wrecking Your Result!

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Are you investing a lot of time and money on your fitness and workout, with little or no result to show for it?

Wait no longer, we have compiled 6 lists of hacks; weight loss tips and general fitness advice to help you on path to achieving your result.

#1. Nutrition: Nutrition is the most important part of attaining your desired result, it has great significance to healthy living and fitness. Consuming a well-balanced diet will allow the body to get the calories and nutrients needed to fuel your workout, aide recovery and sustain your day. If you are unsure regarding your current nutrition, keep a food diary and seek help before setting foot in the gym again. The notion of calories in and calories out is not necessarily the case, as different food group have different instant and prolonged effect on the body. Focus on healthy and sustainable eating regiment rather than forcing yourself on a diet (keto diet / low carb diet or any weight loss diet).

#2. Singularity: Lack of variety in your workout will kill your results, either through boredom or your body adapting very quickly. Constantly challenging your body through varied workouts that incorporate multiple planes of motion will be more beneficial. Example, a good combination of weight training and cardio for weight loss rather than only cardio.

#3. Training too long: If you spend 3 hours in the gym at any given time, chances are that you are wasting your time; perhaps chatting away, playing with your phone or just machine hopping without any real plan. 45 minutes to 90 minutes of exercise is adequate, moving up to that 90 minutes mark is justified if your workouts involves a cardio session or a weight session or a stretching session. Pre - planning or a workout plan will save your a lot of time in the gym and make it more productive..

#4. Sleep: One of the biggest killer of your result. Stress can be induced either physically or physiologically in any living organism, exercise is therefore another form of stress that the body must adequately recover from through sleep. Continuous lack of sleep can be very detrimental to your health, a healthy sleep pattern must be introduced to help the body balance our hormones.

#5. Form: Proper form is a crucial element of training and general fitness when it comes to unlocking your true fitness potential. The general perception that more is better, is absolutely false. Your quality of training trumps the quantity; repping out as fast as possible and completely ignoring the body mechanics and range of motion are some of usual suspects when it come to sabotaging your result.

#6. Intensity: Intensity is one of the most under-utilised tool when it comes to training and result. Intensity allows the user to achieve a few objectives in a training session, apply a few principles like superset, drop-set or reduced rest period into your training programs to really spice things up and maximize your output.

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